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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Is In The Air.......During All-Star Break?

Dustin Penner took full advantage of the All-Star Break. On January 30th, 2011 Dustin Penner married Jessica Welch. The beautiful ceremony took place in her hometown, Montreal Quebec.
Congratulations to the happy couple! They are adorable together.

A little bit of background on Jessica, since she is sort of well-known around the hockey league and in Canada.
Jessica was married to Richard Zednik, in 2005, and they have a now-seven year old daughter, Ella. They met in 2001 while he was playing in Montreal, which is her hometown. At the time, she was a Canadian actress who had roles in little known slasher made for TV movies or series like Are you Afraid In The Dark? and Number 9. When they moved to Florida in 2007, she gave up her film career according to her lawyer. Also according to him, “it was a rocky marriage right from the start.”
As almost everyone knows, Richard Zednik had the scare of his life on February 10th, 2008, when his team-mate at the time, Olli Jokinen’s skate sliced him in the neck. It had cut his artery but missed the jugular. He made it through the surgery to repair it and he continued playing the following season. Throughout it all, Jessica was the doting, concerned wife and stood by his side. It was reported in many places, and he had said many times that he was thinking of his daughter the whole time and wondering if he would be able to see her grow up. Jessica had said to one newspaper in Buffalo, “Life is so fragile, and you don’t own it….You never know and take everything for granted. Not anymore, believe me. It’s a reality check.”
And after all that, she still divorced him. In September of 2009, their divorce was finalized. It was reported that she received a $1 million dollar settlement and a large sum for child support. They were married for three years, and she got that? Wow. She apparently was grateful it was over, as she accused him of domestic abuse. At the time that they were getting divorced, he had just signed to play in the Russian hockey league.
I don’t understand how someone can stand by someone through all that and then about a year and a half later, divorce him. To me, that’s really cold-hearted, and as much as I want to like her because she is Mrs. Penner now, that is really low.

Anyways, the couple are really cute together. I hope that they defy the odds that they are up against, and it’s a long lasting marriage.

And at the Oilers Skills Competition, I didn’t know who the little girl that Penner was always with was. Now, I can only assume that it is Ella Zednik, his step-daughter. I don’t know for sure, but it does kind of look like her. And they really looked like they got along well.

2sfhf wishes Dustin and Jessica the best for their future! <3

So I know I said that I would not be writing tonight, and I wasn't but I finally was able to do this. I have been looking often to see if I could finally get the confirmation on it and I finally did, so I took some time out of my busy night to do this.
And I should add that I had the pleasure of meeting Penner at a public place a little over a year ago, while he was with his girlfriend at the time. I assume it was Jessica. I'm pretty sure it was her, but I'm not 100% sure. I had asked him for a picture and talked to him for a couple minutes about how I'm a fan of his (spur of the moment, not always a fan of his) and she was so rude and so mad looking. Now I kind of get it though, now that I know that she is an actress, I didn't know that at the time and therefore did not recognize her. We all know that those entertainment industry people need their ego stroked and I did the exact opposite. I guess I can look past her blatant rudeness now that I know the whole story. I will keep an open0mind about her until she proves it wrong.
Everything that I have read anywhere, people are commenting saying that their marriage will not last too long. As much as I have my opinion about whether it will work or not and for how long, I hope that it does work out for the sake of Dustin and Ella. I think he will be a wonderful step-father and I would hate to see him have his heart broken. And for Ella, it's always horrible to see a young child get stuck in the middle of something like this and she already went through one a few years ago.


  1. Sounds like a golddiggin' you know what.

    Perfect for the lunkhead Penner, if you catch my drift. Hope you signed a prenup.

  2. I was going to say that exactly, but thank you for saying it.

    He probably didn't. I mean hockey players don't tend to be that smart.... there are some exceptions but with him, probably not. LOL

  3. When I knew Zed, he was funny, quiet and would do anything for kids. I wish Ella the best! I don't think you're far off on DP's new wife. Hope he has a pre-nup b/c this cougar prowls the rink.

  4. Amanda_Hockey_FanGirl7/23/2011 8:41 PM

    I do hope that things go okay for Ella's sake. I can't imagine what its like for her to go through all this stuff.
    And that's funny. It sucks for Penner though. I almost feel bad for the guy, but I guess he kinda brought it on himself......

  5. And just over a year later... the inevitable.